Twin Oaks Home Care, Inc.
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TOHC has been established to provide home care in the homes of frail elderly clients.

  1. To provide excellent, consistent, quality, and affordable care regardless of patient differences.

  2. To ensure patient receives 2 employees 80% of the time we are scheduled in their home.

  3. To eliminate over-time, because employees have a life outside of work.

  4. To provide the highest level of education to each employee through in-services, videos, hands- on experiences, and appropriate resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  5. To never lose compassion for any patient or family member regardless of any situation.

  6. To always provide appropriate and safe care for patient and family with their best interests in mind.

  7. To remain committed to our co-workers by:
    1. accepting the responsibility of establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship

    2. to talk to one another promptly if there is a problem, not to tear down but to build up

    3. to trust every member of this staff

    4. to show equal respect, regardless of titles or educational levels

    5. to not bicker, back-bite, or blame

    6. to not complain, but to work together in achieving every goal

    7. to accept everyone as they are today, regardless of past problems

    8. to be committed to finding solutions to problems

    9. to remember that no one is perfect, errors are opportunities for growth and forgiveness



Contact Information
Jim and Dawn Dice
phone: 724.438.1936

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